We Customize Diversity Programs To Meet Your Needs:

WORKSHOPS: Our interactive multicultural workshops are designed to meet the needs of your employees/students at your workplace or school.  Through ice breakers, group discussions and reflective activities, we provide tools to help combat prejudices and explore intolerance.  We provide opportunities to be culturally responsive to our changing demographics.

We encourage participants to look at human relations issues, to observe where they stand, and to develop their own connections and reactions.  Participants are not asked or expected to leave with a homogeneous perception of diversity.

Respecting the dignity of all individuals is the key premise.  Confidentiality is valued.  Participants represent themselves, not their entire school or company.  Most importantly, we provide a vital starting point that can get everyone thinking, talking and acting.

FOCUS GROUPS:  Following up our workshops with small in-house groups, we address specific school and workplace issues that affect your school/business climate.

MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS:  These programs include trainer of trainers for student workshops.

TRAINER-OF-TRAINERS: For organizations and individuals who are interested in doing diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency work.

KEYNOTE ADDRESSES:  Our customized programs motivate, invigorate and empower your employees/students.

CURRICULUM:  We work with your curriculum committees to assist in infusing a culturally-responsive focus.

ALL-SCHOOL PROGRAMS:  We also organize clubs, lead workshops, coordinate field trips, present keynote addresses and arrange assemblies for schools of all sizes and grade levels.

Student activity at Craig High School
A student workshop at the high school in the Brodhead school district

BENEFITS:  In return for honest reflection and willingness to consider alternate views, participants enjoy improved self-esteem, better relationships, more positive business contacts and higher employee/student achievement.

We identify factors that promote group understanding and individual success.  You'll learn proactive ways to improve your climate and empower your employees and colleagues.
Participants also:

  • Gain sensitivity to the needs of students, teachers, employees and customers.
  • Create a more positive school/workplace.
  • Help close the achievement gap and improve test scores.
  • Help increase the bottom line for businesses.
  • Encourage courageous conversations.
  • Promote culturally-responsive schools, workplaces and communities.

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